Employing a Private Investigator to Prove or Deny Cohabitation

All Seeing Surveillance has seen a sharp rise in cases where we are asked to prove unauthorised cohabitation. In this month’s blog we aim to give clients including landlords, private individuals going through divorce proceedings and management companies examples why this may occur and the potential risks and detrimental effects that may result. All Seeing Surveillance is able to provide effective evidence within a week allowing the necessary actions to be taken allowing our clients to regain control. 

How to Prove Illegal Subletting

With a soaring increased national cost of living unmatched by flat average income, more and more tenants are looking for ways to offset costs, both legitimately and illegitimately. 

At All Seeing Surveillance we always recommend having a full background check on all tenants to ensure the people you allow to use your assets are of good sound character. To find out more about background checks click here....

When a tenant moves into a property they sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the landlord. As soon as a tenant moves an unauthorised individual into a property without permission they are immediately breaking this contract and landlords are within their rights to instruct the tenant to rectify the situation immediately.

There are a number of ways in which a tenant can break this contract -

  • having a new partner move into the property without landlord authorisation
  • subletting a spare room
  • working away for long periods of time and allowing third parties the use of the property for monetary gain or otherwise
  • short subletting of the property via Airbnb or other short-let apartment sites

If you are asking yourself, 'How do I prove my tenant is illegally subletting my property?' or you are looking for a private detective to prove illegal letting of a property, visit our cohabitation investigations page.

cohabitation divorce

How to Prove Illegal Cohabitation Throughout a Divorce

When going through a divorce it is a legal requirement to supply details of financial circumstances. This includes living arrangements. All Seeing Surveillance carry out regular investigation on individuals who are known to have a new partner but claim to be living alone in an attempt to deceive the courts and reduce costs whether it be final settlements or child maintenance costs.

All Seeing Surveillance is able to provide evidence within a week of instruction that will satisfy the courts that unauthorised or undisclosed cohabitation is taking place allowing for the appropriate actions to take place.

Using a range of surveillance techniques, we will identify occupants of an address and prove they are in fact residing at the property and not just visiting on the odd occasion.

If you have any concerns about cohabitation and wish to speak to a private investigator

Are you going through a divorce and need to prove cohabitation? Visit our matrimonial page to see our services.

The Truths, Facts and Statistics About cheating & Infidelity

We’ve put together some of the nation’s research to share some of the alarming truth’s behind modern infidelity.

14% of married women & 22% of married men admit to having been unfaithful at least once during their married lives
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

How do you define cheating? With one-in-seven of all marriages resulting in divorce due to adultery how should we define cheating? In a fast paced world of smart phones, social media and dating apps there is no rarely such thing as a traditional conventional relationship, cheating is no longer contained to an office affair or a drunken night out.

68% of women & 74% of men admit that they would risk having an affair if they knew they would never get caught
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

HUMP DAY has taken on a whole new meaning ... AshleyMadison.com ... the notorious site for those seeking affair partners surveyed 172,000 of it’s subscribers and has revealed that Wednesday is the most popular day for partners to cheat, more specifically, Wednesdays between 5 and 7pm.

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘keeping it in the family’, 17% of men and women can admit to infidelity with a brother-in-law or sister-in-law! Yes, shocking.
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

Rather alarmingly, it is reported that 2.5% of all children born are conceived during an affair and are the product of a man other than the mother’s significant other.
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

36% of men and women admit to having an affair with a co-worker.  Furthermore, 35% of people admit to infidelity whilst away on business trips
Source: Associated Press, Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

What to look out for as common signs of a cheating partner -

• Change in level of intimacy towards you
• Change of routine
• Change of appearance
• Suspicious phone habits
• Change in attitude towards you
• Spending longer away from home (leaving early/arriving home late)
• They are not contactable for longer than usual periods of time


Women are more likely to carry on an affair for a longer period of time than men, as they tend to seek emotional fulfillment from the extramarital affair, whereas men more often carry out an affair for a shorter time frame and more for physical gratification.

The majority of affairs start in the place of work … 38.8% of women have had an affair with a work colleague in comparison to 30.7% of men.

If you have any concerns or would like further information visit www.allseeingsurveillance.com or call 020 3771 2622 for a discreet non obligatory discussion.

Sources available on request from info@allseeingsurveillance.com

Naughty or nice - Should you be worried about what happens at the Office Christmas party?

Should I worry about my partner and an office romance At Christmas time?

With the end of the year fast approaching businesses all over London and the UK start winding down and the Christmas party season begins. It’s the time of year renowned for when colleagues and peers let their hair down, have a few drinks and more often than not indulge in a little too much festive drinking.

Christmas parties give opportunity for colleagues and coworkers to interact in social situations that quickly become relaxed and flirtatious with mulled wine and mistletoe. Unfortunately, it’s the time of year notorious for office romances igniting – in fact an alarming statistic is that as many as 1/3 of employees admit to having cheeky kisses or more with a colleague during and after the office Christmas party.


Why doesn't my partner come home??

Employers often arrange overnight accommodation for staff given the Christmas party’s late finish or anticipating seasonal weather and so it’s commonly accepted that a partner will have an excuse to not come home at all.  Did your partner really have a hotel room arranged by their employer?

With this reasoning a cheating partner can pursue an otherwise unobtainable office romance or what may have been nothing more than flirtatious behavior can quickly be fuelled to much more with in combination with alcohol. This not only raises question about the relationship but also health as nearly half of those admitting to having sex following a Christmas party did not use any form of protection.


Are you concerned about what your partner is doing at their office Christmas party?

Whilst your partner is at his or her office Christmas party it leaves you at home unnecessarily worrying about what is happening at the festive event. Should you be worried? Are your suspicions valid?

Our private investigators are able to attend social events and confirm your suspicions if there is valid evidence to do so.

All Seeing Surveillance’s confidential and discreet undercover operatives will provide you with real time imagery showing your partner’s behavior and social interactions during this holiday season.

Trojan and Harris Marketing conducted a survey over the Christmas period 2014 ...

42% of men between 18-34 confessed to having a intimate encounter during or immediately after a Christmas party

27% of women in the same age range had enjoyed a similar one night fling.

74% choose to move to a hotel or one another’s home

46% of those who had sex around this time did not use a condom

Contact All Seeing Surveillance and discuss how we can provide you with the truth you deserve

What can a Tracking Device do for me?

What can a Tracking Device do for me?

GPS Tracker

In this month’s blog we aim to explain some of the variety of ways that GPS Tracking devices can be covertly deployed and employed by our customers. Trackers are a very efficient and cost effective way of identifying the movements of a vehicle, person or asset. Identifying these movements can be used to gain knowledge of a daily routine, identify if an employee or partner is being untrustworthy with the locations they visit, or simply monitor a subject for safety, peace of mind and reassurance.

Our tracking devices have some key features that enable our clients to be kept up to date on the movements of a device, without waiting to receiving daily reports. All our devices provide our clients with motion detection and geo fence alerts, should they be required. As soon as a vehicle begins moving a text message is sent directly to a client’s mobile phone informing them of the movement. Geo fences allow for an area to be designated and once the device enters or leaves this area, the tracking device sends a text directly to the client.

GPS Tracker - Monitor the location of devices 24/7

GPS Tracker - Monitor the location of devices 24/7

Track Vehicles.
With the ability to covertly deploy a tracking device onto a vehicle within seconds our devices are an incredibly discreet way for our corporate clients to monitor their fleet vehicles or company cars. Devices can be used to identify an employee’s movements, routes, and potentially their break times. The devices are not necessarily intended to have a negative effect on an employee, but can be used to increase productivity and reduce costs by identifying improvements, benefiting the financial state of the company. Equally should an employee be using a company vehicle for self-gain, or not as intended, our devices will quickly identify this and allow for actions to be taken to prevent further loss to the company.

Private individuals can use vehicle trackers to monitor a suspicious partner’s vehicle. If you have concerns regarding your partner's whereabouts or just want to monitor their movements, a tracker is an ideal way of discreetly gathering information and locations, in order to confirm or deny your suspicions. Newly qualified drivers can cause a lot of stress and worry for parents, having the ability to monitor the routes and speeds of your child can allow for peace of mind or an opportunity to provide education.

A GPS Tracker can identify routes and locations

A GPS Tracker can identify routes and locations


Monitor individuals
Tracking devices come in a variety of forms. They can be worn on a belt, covertly fitted into clothing or a piece of luggage, or carried by a lone worker. This variations allows the devices to be employed in both overt and covert roles, allowing our clients to use devices in boththeir business and personal lives. We regularly use devices in the work place to monitor the locations of lone workers, providing an element of safety with the addition of a panic alert system. If an employee needs to be monitored covertly, we are able to provide devices secreted within a belt that can be worn unnoticed. Our clients can also find peace of mind in their personal lives by using our devices to monitor young and elderly relatives, enabling them to have an awareness of their whereabouts at all times allowing, for independence and care simultaneously.

Follow Assets
The ability to monitor your assets from anywhere in the world could be a weight off your shoulders. Whether a piece of art or farming machinery, our devices can be used to prevent theft of personal or company property, ensuring a item is where it should be. If you require a valuable item to be couriered we offer a personal tracking service preventing assets from being inadvertently lost or stolen,

Contact All Seeing Surveillance to discuss the various tracking solutions that can be used to provide you with peace of mind.

What to expect from a Private Investigator

Making the decision to hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance on your behalf brings with it a lot of questions. By outlining the stages of a private investigation below, we provide clarity of what you can expect from All Seeing Surveillance when choosing our team of private detectives to provide you with answers.

On your initial contact, our specialist team will take you through a series of confidential questions and you will be assigned a personal case handler. Each case is unique and bears its own set of requirements in order to carry out a successful investigation. Following your initial consultation, the operative will devise a bespoke course of action for your case and will soon be in touch to run through a plan of investigation with you. Before any operation commences we ensure you have complete understanding of all aspects of the investigation, ensuring you understand what will be carried out on your behalf.

All Seeing Surveillance Research

Thorough research is vital to any successful investigation. Your assigned detective will start with the initial details you provide and build your case profile strategically from there. Using various online databases, information is gathered on the subject connecting them to companies, addresses, individuals and social media. We source images of relevant buildings, properties and individuals to assist our investigators in identifying key subjects and locations.

Simply put, reconnaissance is the process of obtaining information about the position, routines, resources and activities of the subject before task planning. In private investigation, reconnaissance is used to physically identify specific addresses and routes between locations often visited by the subject.  Routines are familiarised and when advantageous, technical devices such as trackers are deployed during this stage.

Your personal case handler will carefully select and brief a specialist surveillance team.  This team will deploy in the vicinity of the subject usually starting from a known location such as a home or work address, observations often begin from a static observation post (OP). Once the subject is identified the team will follow his or her movements, this is conducted using a combination of methods including vehicles, public transport and on foot. Our operatives are highly trained and demonstrate the ability to see without being seen. All meetings, social interactions and visited locations are observed, during which time crucial evidence is covertly photographed, recorded and documented. All surveillance is conducted without the knowledge of the subject or awareness of third parties. Throughout the surveillance operation you will be kept up to date with the investigation's progress at times that are appropriate and will not compromise the operation.

The requirements of every investigation are unique and so operation length can range from just 5 hours to months in some cases. Although we will always give upfront and honest advice of the time and resource required to get the answers you are looking for, the decision to continue any investigation is ultimately yours - therefore it is our priority to keep our clients fully up to date with the progress of all private investigations. Upon completion of each observational day all documented evidence, video footage and photographic stills are collated and compiled into a daily task report.  Reports detail the day’s events & developments and enable clients to make informed decisions as to whether or not an investigation continues.

Once you are content there is enough evidence to satisfy your requirements, we provide you with a full and final report. Our reports are incredibly detailed and go into great depth of all aspects of the investigation. Video footage and/or still photographic evidence is edited and supplied to you as an MP4 video file or written onto a DVD. All evidence compiled will provide clarity and indisputable evidence of the findings of the investigation. Reports are created with the intention to be produced as evidence in court and therefore can withstand thorough review and scrutiny.