Naughty or nice - Should you be worried about what happens at the Office Christmas party?

Should I worry about my partner and an office romance At Christmas time?

With the end of the year fast approaching businesses all over London and the UK start winding down and the Christmas party season begins. It’s the time of year renowned for when colleagues and peers let their hair down, have a few drinks and more often than not indulge in a little too much festive drinking.

Christmas parties give opportunity for colleagues and coworkers to interact in social situations that quickly become relaxed and flirtatious with mulled wine and mistletoe. Unfortunately, it’s the time of year notorious for office romances igniting – in fact an alarming statistic is that as many as 1/3 of employees admit to having cheeky kisses or more with a colleague during and after the office Christmas party.


Why doesn't my partner come home??

Employers often arrange overnight accommodation for staff given the Christmas party’s late finish or anticipating seasonal weather and so it’s commonly accepted that a partner will have an excuse to not come home at all.  Did your partner really have a hotel room arranged by their employer?

With this reasoning a cheating partner can pursue an otherwise unobtainable office romance or what may have been nothing more than flirtatious behavior can quickly be fuelled to much more with in combination with alcohol. This not only raises question about the relationship but also health as nearly half of those admitting to having sex following a Christmas party did not use any form of protection.


Are you concerned about what your partner is doing at their office Christmas party?

Whilst your partner is at his or her office Christmas party it leaves you at home unnecessarily worrying about what is happening at the festive event. Should you be worried? Are your suspicions valid?

Our private investigators are able to attend social events and confirm your suspicions if there is valid evidence to do so.

All Seeing Surveillance’s confidential and discreet undercover operatives will provide you with real time imagery showing your partner’s behavior and social interactions during this holiday season.

Trojan and Harris Marketing conducted a survey over the Christmas period 2014 ...

42% of men between 18-34 confessed to having a intimate encounter during or immediately after a Christmas party

27% of women in the same age range had enjoyed a similar one night fling.

74% choose to move to a hotel or one another’s home

46% of those who had sex around this time did not use a condom

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