What to expect from a Private Investigator

Making the decision to hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance on your behalf brings with it a lot of questions. By outlining the stages of a private investigation below, we provide clarity of what you can expect from All Seeing Surveillance when choosing our team of private detectives to provide you with answers.

On your initial contact, our specialist team will take you through a series of confidential questions and you will be assigned a personal case handler. Each case is unique and bears its own set of requirements in order to carry out a successful investigation. Following your initial consultation, the operative will devise a bespoke course of action for your case and will soon be in touch to run through a plan of investigation with you. Before any operation commences we ensure you have complete understanding of all aspects of the investigation, ensuring you understand what will be carried out on your behalf.

All Seeing Surveillance Research

Thorough research is vital to any successful investigation. Your assigned detective will start with the initial details you provide and build your case profile strategically from there. Using various online databases, information is gathered on the subject connecting them to companies, addresses, individuals and social media. We source images of relevant buildings, properties and individuals to assist our investigators in identifying key subjects and locations.

Simply put, reconnaissance is the process of obtaining information about the position, routines, resources and activities of the subject before task planning. In private investigation, reconnaissance is used to physically identify specific addresses and routes between locations often visited by the subject.  Routines are familiarised and when advantageous, technical devices such as trackers are deployed during this stage.

Your personal case handler will carefully select and brief a specialist surveillance team.  This team will deploy in the vicinity of the subject usually starting from a known location such as a home or work address, observations often begin from a static observation post (OP). Once the subject is identified the team will follow his or her movements, this is conducted using a combination of methods including vehicles, public transport and on foot. Our operatives are highly trained and demonstrate the ability to see without being seen. All meetings, social interactions and visited locations are observed, during which time crucial evidence is covertly photographed, recorded and documented. All surveillance is conducted without the knowledge of the subject or awareness of third parties. Throughout the surveillance operation you will be kept up to date with the investigation's progress at times that are appropriate and will not compromise the operation.

The requirements of every investigation are unique and so operation length can range from just 5 hours to months in some cases. Although we will always give upfront and honest advice of the time and resource required to get the answers you are looking for, the decision to continue any investigation is ultimately yours - therefore it is our priority to keep our clients fully up to date with the progress of all private investigations. Upon completion of each observational day all documented evidence, video footage and photographic stills are collated and compiled into a daily task report.  Reports detail the day’s events & developments and enable clients to make informed decisions as to whether or not an investigation continues.

Once you are content there is enough evidence to satisfy your requirements, we provide you with a full and final report. Our reports are incredibly detailed and go into great depth of all aspects of the investigation. Video footage and/or still photographic evidence is edited and supplied to you as an MP4 video file or written onto a DVD. All evidence compiled will provide clarity and indisputable evidence of the findings of the investigation. Reports are created with the intention to be produced as evidence in court and therefore can withstand thorough review and scrutiny.