Employing a Private Investigator to Prove or Deny Cohabitation

All Seeing Surveillance has seen a sharp rise in cases where we are asked to prove unauthorised cohabitation. In this month’s blog we aim to give clients including landlords, private individuals going through divorce proceedings and management companies examples why this may occur and the potential risks and detrimental effects that may result. All Seeing Surveillance is able to provide effective evidence within a week allowing the necessary actions to be taken allowing our clients to regain control. 

How to Prove Illegal Subletting

With a soaring increased national cost of living unmatched by flat average income, more and more tenants are looking for ways to offset costs, both legitimately and illegitimately. 

At All Seeing Surveillance we always recommend having a full background check on all tenants to ensure the people you allow to use your assets are of good sound character. To find out more about background checks click here....

When a tenant moves into a property they sign a contract agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the landlord. As soon as a tenant moves an unauthorised individual into a property without permission they are immediately breaking this contract and landlords are within their rights to instruct the tenant to rectify the situation immediately.

There are a number of ways in which a tenant can break this contract -

  • having a new partner move into the property without landlord authorisation
  • subletting a spare room
  • working away for long periods of time and allowing third parties the use of the property for monetary gain or otherwise
  • short subletting of the property via Airbnb or other short-let apartment sites

If you are asking yourself, 'How do I prove my tenant is illegally subletting my property?' or you are looking for a private detective to prove illegal letting of a property, visit our cohabitation investigations page.

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How to Prove Illegal Cohabitation Throughout a Divorce

When going through a divorce it is a legal requirement to supply details of financial circumstances. This includes living arrangements. All Seeing Surveillance carry out regular investigation on individuals who are known to have a new partner but claim to be living alone in an attempt to deceive the courts and reduce costs whether it be final settlements or child maintenance costs.

All Seeing Surveillance is able to provide evidence within a week of instruction that will satisfy the courts that unauthorised or undisclosed cohabitation is taking place allowing for the appropriate actions to take place.

Using a range of surveillance techniques, we will identify occupants of an address and prove they are in fact residing at the property and not just visiting on the odd occasion.

If you have any concerns about cohabitation and wish to speak to a private investigator

Are you going through a divorce and need to prove cohabitation? Visit our matrimonial page to see our services.