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Our Corporate Investigators are client-focused professionals. We offer accurate and reliable solutions that enable our clients to make fully informed decisions. Whether regarding employees, business partnerships or internal & external threats, we strive to provide security and peace of mind. We offer an array of detective services to our clients providing a competitive and effective service.

The team at All Seeing Surveillance understand the enormity and sensitivity of any investigation and have acute awareness of the need for complete discretion. Our corporate clients can rest assured that all information will be handled in the strictest of confidence.

Offering a professional, diligent and competitive service, we also serve a variety of documents for our clients.  We recognise the importance of providing a prompt and accurate service in line with the client's instruction.

The services we offer our corporate clients can be found below, please call to discuss our competitive rates

what is included in investigation packages:

All Seeing Surveillance employ carefully experienced investigators and detectives to work closely with our corporate clients when conducting surveillance and investigation cases. When choosing All Seeing Surveillance you can be confident the investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by professionals who understand the complexities and potential legal ramifications of commercial investigations.
Included in the investigation package is –

  • FREE pre-investigation; preparation, reconnaissance and case building
  • Required surveillance and observations
  • GPS vehicle tracking (an optional extra to investigations but highly recommended if required)
  • Surveillance vehicles that are fully equipped with the latest specialist surveillance technology
  • Frequent updates from your dedicated investigation case handler.
  • Professionally edited video footage and photographic stills complied into thorough reports


Medical Fraud

With it being well documented in the media that insurance and benefit claims are being falsified or exaggerated it is vital to ensure that a claimant is not being deceptive. At All Seeing Surveillance we understand the sensitive nature of these investigations with no company wanting to wrongly accuse an individual of lying but also the financial implications of a false claim can have on a company can be huge so carrying out an investigation can be essential. Our specialist investigators are experienced with investigations of this nature and have an in-depth understanding of the quality of footage and reports required for these investigations whilst remaining completely covert and discrete.


Insurance Fraud

With Cash for Crash claims on the rise All Seeing Surveillance provide specialist teams with an understanding of the delicate and complicated nature of insurance and medical investigations. Our investigators understand the need to discreetly monitor claimants to provide as much evidence as possible allowing for fully informed decisions to be made on individual cases.


Counter Surveillance

Counter/Anti Surveillance can be required by a wide spectrum of people. The various techniques involved with counter surveillance can be implemented for your security, wellbeing and peace of mind. Whether dealing with a company director who may find themselves the subject of surveillance from competitors to an individual who may be the victim of a stalker. All Seeing Surveillance professionals will create a bespoke protection plan. Included within the plan will be internal bug sweeps of homes and offices, vehicle sweeps for tracking device. Our specialist operatives will identify any physical surveillance allowing the risk to be neutralised. All Seeing Surveillance understand that this period of time can be stressful for any individual, our operatives will be on hand at all times to provide reassurance.


Process Serving

Offering a professional, diligent and competitive service we serve a variety of documents for our clients.  We understand the importance of the providing a prompt, accurate sand concise service in line with the clients requirements and supporting evidence.


Corporate Surveillance and Commercial Investigations

Surveillance is an integral part of all physical investigations. Having the ability to observe an individual during corporate investigations whilst remaining seemingly invisible whether it be undercover operations or covert observations our operatives are experienced in gathering evidence, intelligence and footage to progress investigations.

Our surveillance teams can be deployed in any environment, teams consisting of 2 or more operatives carry out observations from static vehicle’s (OP), mobile vehicle, foot surveillance and rural surveillance. Always prepared and adaptable All Seeing Surveillance regularly combine various techniques from hours to weeks whilst on task.


GPS Tracking

GPS Trackers are a cost effective, efficient way of monitoring vehicles and assets remotely and discreetly. With the ability to attach devices to vehicles in seconds All Seeing Surveillance operatives deploy trackers nationally.

Offering our customers the ability to monitor the location of devices any time of night or day and receive regular reports detailing locations and routes taken. We offer our clients the ability to receive text messages when a vehicle moves or enters specified areas.
Our rates are incredibly competitive in relation to our competitors and devices can be rented from as little as 7 days or indefinitely.

Further Corporate Investigations and Legal Services

Bug Sweeping

Data Recovery

Enquiry Agent

Mystery Shopper

Penetration Testing

Professional Witness

Statement Taking

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