How much will it cost to hire London private investigators? How MUCH WILL IT COST TO HIRE PRIVATE INVESTIGATORs UK?

When taking the decision to employ a London private investigators or from anywhere else within the UK  to work on your behalf, trust is of the utmost importance. Investigations cost money so you need to be sure that he private investigation company can be trusted to carry out your instruction, especially with horror stories of cowboy London private investigators or cheap inexperienced unqualified investigators taking a client’s money, yet not providing the service they required or expected.

At All Seeing Surveillance our private investigators feel complete clarity and understanding is essential. Getting results and customer satisfaction is our highest priority, which means that you will have a complete understanding of what you are paying for. Every case is unique and individual, so there is no such thing as a 'typical' cost, but our private investigators are always upfront from the offset and there are no 'hidden' costs that you do not expect.

Whether hiring a London private investigator or a Birmingham private investigator we offer competitive investigation costs nationally. We do not adjust our costs according to you location. We are extremely confident that our competitive investigation costs and fees are realistic in accordance with the professional service we provide

Surveillance costs and fee - private investigators deployed across London and the UK

Private investigators, private detectives and surveillance teams can range from two –five operatives, depending on the brief, complexity and location of observations and investigation. Our rates for private investigators begin with a minimum of five hours charged at £225 for one operative (this is the minimum amount of time we find is needed to gain the minimal amount of crucial evidence) hours required to further the investigation after the initial five is charged at £45 per hour, per operative. Our dedicated detective case handlers will advise you on the best course of action for your investigation, but we aim to work around our client’s budget as much as possible.

The only additional costs associated with surveillance are mileage costs for anything over 50 miles, whilst observations are being conducted. All evidence, reports and footage preparation is included in the cost.

GPS Tracking Devices - Deployed across London and the uk

GPS Tracking devices are specialist pieces of technology, but we will not be beaten on price. We offer a complete service including deployment, live tracking updates 24/7, and end retrieval of the tracker, all for a competitive fixed price. The first seven days of deployment are charged at £250, with subsequent weeks charged at £125 per 7 days.

London Process Serving

We offer a fixed fee of £80 (plus the cost of attending to swear, or an Affidavit) for all locations within fifty miles of our offices. Our service includes up to three attempts, report preparation, and any travel costs. If you require a document served in other locations throughout the UK please contact us for a quote. We aim to serve within three days of receipt of instruction.

Other private investigation Services

We offer a wide range of varied and specialised private investigator services detailed throughout the site. We are always happy to discuss your requirements in depth before you agree to employ us, and we will gladly provide a full and detailed breakdown of all expected costs.