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At All Seeing Surveillance we consider our client reputation just as important as our reputation. Understanding the nature of business, we appreciate the impact that poor customer service, theft, counterfeit goods and/or missing stock can have on a large scale. We provide bespoke investigations centred around our client’s criteria to target aspects of a company that are causing concern or a financial loss. Our specialist operatives are able to adapt to various situations producing results whether it be inserting an undercover operative into a work place or carrying out observations on an employee on longer term sick. All investigations are carried out professionally and with discretion before providing our clients with in-depth reports and imagery to accompany the report. 

The services we offer our corporate clients can be found below, please call to discuss our competitive rates


All Seeing Surveillance employ carefully experienced investigators and detectives to work closely with our corporate clients when conducting surveillance and investigation cases. When choosing All Seeing Surveillance you can be confident the investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by professionals who understand the complexities and potential legal ramifications of commercial investigations.

Included in the investigation package is –

  • FREE pre-investigation; preparation, reconnaissance and case building
  • Required surveillance and observations
  • GPS vehicle tracking (an optional extra to investigations but highly recommended if required)
  • Surveillance vehicles that are fully equipped with the latest specialist surveillance technology
  • Frequent updates from your dedicated investigation case handler.
  • Professionally edited video footage and photographic stills complied into thorough reports



Hire a private detective to reduce employee theft in the workplace

One of the most serious threats to the success of a business is employee theft.  Many businesses, especially those operating in retail can lose a significant percentage of revenue due to employee theft.  All too often guilty employees are not confronted, as appropriate evidence is not available to pinpoint a particular employee. 

All Seeing Surveillance implements undercover detectives to investigate and prove employee theft whether it be in-store, warehouse, whilst goods are in transit or being processed at key distribution centers. Our highly qualified team of private investigators delivers proven results through on-site covert surveillance.  We deploy undercover employees or clients with relevant qualification to blend into the environment and to investigate and build a case on the suspected individual or team of employees.  Our private detectives will gather evidence, promptly provided to you within detailed reports and act as professional witnesses when required.  The results of employee investigations allow you to take appropriate actions to build a trustworthy team and maintain an efficient, profitable business.

Considering how to prove employee theft or how to investigate theft in the workplace? Contact All Seeing Surveillance to aid your investigation -

  • Hire a private detective to prove employee theft
  • Hire a private investigator to work undercover in the workplace
  • Hire an undercover Store Detective
  • Reduce employee retail theft and employee shoplifting
  • Hire a private investigator to work undercover in a warehouse and prove theft
  • Hire undercover warehouse staff; gather evidence to prove employees stealing in a warehouse
  • Reduce merchandise theft and internal theft in retail
  • Prove employee merchandise theft while goods in transit
  • Investigate unexplained loss of inventory
  • Tackle employee shoplifting and inventory theft
  • Investigate and prove employee theft from shipping trucks
  • Prove internal theft in retail
  • Monitor employee activity to prove theft
  • Mail-order warehouse employee theft
  • Cargo theft in luxury goods
  • Investigate internal theft in retail


Mystery Shoppers UK

Undercover Investigation Services in Retail and Hospitality

Do you ever wonder how much revenue is lost everyday because of poor customer service, poor operating procedures or traded counterfeit goods?  Do you suspect disloyal or lazy retail staff but need proof to take appropriate action?  So often with business growth comes a detachment between senior management and customer interaction, how often are employees tucked away avoiding potential customers and the business owner has no idea what's happening on their premises each day?

Implementing a professional undercover retail and/or hospitality investigation service is an extremely efficient way to identify any weaknesses in your team’s customer services and operating procedures.

Private investigators at All Seeing Surveillance discreetly pose as everyday customers and enter your premises as mystery shoppers, diners and/or clients.  Our operatives are trained to work covertly, carrying out customer experience auditing within the luxury retail, spa and hospitality & service industries.

Whether there is a specific concern about a particular member of staff or procedure, or a customer service evaluation is required across a chain of stores or service providers, our experienced team of private investigators will ensure you get accurate results.

Operatives arrive equipped with covert recording equipment to gather evidence of the quality of customer service and the overall customer experience encountered. Our operatives wear high definition recording equipment that will capture sound and video.

Hire a private eye as an undercover client or shopper, professional secret shopper services -

  • Undercover customers in the retail and hospitality industry
  • Hire a private detective to investigate retail staff
  • Commercial surveillance and retail covert surveillance
  • Professional undercover mystery diners London
  • Hire a private detective as an undercover service client
  • Covert surveillance in the hospitality industry
  • Expert mystery shopper services - Professional mystery shopping UK
  • Best mystery shopper companies London
  • Best mystery shopping companies UK
  • How to prove inappropriate staff behaviour in retail
  • Undercover investigation in stores
  • Hire a private investigator to check staff customer service
  • Store detectives to evaluate customer experience
  • Detectives to work undercover in hospitality industry
  • Counterfeit Goods Investigation
  • Anti-counterfeiting operations
  • Professional Mystery Shoppers and Undercover Store Investigation


Employee Absenteeism & Misconduct of an Employee

Employees who abuse sick leave

Do you find yourself questioning ‘Is my employee really sick?’, ‘Is my employee lying to me?’, ‘Is my employee working for a competitor?’ … Serious illness, injury and personal emergencies are an unfortunate part of life and as a business owner or manager you want to support your staff through difficult times and in their recovery.  Most will appreciate the support and return to work when they are able to, but sadly some employees will take advantage.

Unexpected absences have a serious affect on productivity, team moral and of course are a substantial financial burden to businesses across the UK.

How can you manage sick leave? Can you reduce the occurrence of long-term leave?  Unfortunately the causes of long-term absence are out of the employer’s hands – and sometimes the reason for absence is not genuine.  So, how can you deal with employees who abuse sick leave?  Is there such a thing as absenteeism control?

At All Seeing Surveillance, we appreciate the sensitive nature of investigating suspicious employees.  We strongly advise that no employer or company should interrogate an employee regarding any form of misconduct without sufficient evidence; doing so could expose your company to humiliating litigation.

An employee absence investigation by All Seeing Surveillance is an effective way to discover whether your employee’s claims are justified or not. Covert employee investigations carried out by our experienced team of private detectives will ensure that no employee or any other individual is aware of the investigation, thereby maintaining your relationship should the absence prove to be sincere.

Often the cost of an employee investigation from All Seeing Surveillance is comparable to less than a week’s financial implication on your business for the suspected employee’s absence. In our experience, many of the employees investigated on long-term sick turn out to be perfectly healthy, working for a competitor or even using the opportunity to start up a company of their own.

Discreet employee surveillance from All Seeing Surveillance will involve an investigation into an employee’s daily routine and general condition providing high definition video evidence and in-depth reports ensuring the evidence cannot be challenged.

Think an employee is faking a sickness? -

  • How to prove employee false injury absence
  • How to prove sick leave abuse
  • How to deal with employees who abuse sick leave
  • How to prove absenteeism UK
  • How to prove employee sickness UK
  • False personal injury claim
  • Investigate an absent employee
  • Investigate employee absenteeism
  • Private investigator to prove false absenteeism claims
  • Private investigator to prove fraudulent personal injury claims
  • How to prove my employee is lying about sickness
  • How to prove my employee is lying about illness
  • Employee pretending to have a serious illness
  • Private investigator to prove sick leave misuse
  • How to deal with employees who abuse sick leave
  • Employees who abuse sick leave
  • False personal injury claim
  • Corporate investigations - worker absenteeism in the workplace
  • Corporate Fraud – How much does it cost to investigate an employee?
  • Employee sickness observations and employee monitoring
  • Proving employee misconduct


Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination

Hire a private detective to prove harassment in the workplace

If you, an employee or even your clients are being harassed, bullied or discriminated against in the workplace, a private detective operating as an undercover worker is an efficient tool to gather evidence, allowing you to put together a solid case and take appropriate action.  Hiring an investigator can make a claim more solid with concrete proof of the harassment; far too often serious claims are not solved due to the lack of evidence.

Workplace Infiltration and covert surveillance services Include -

  • Gathering intelligence to resolve workplace HR issues
  • Undercover workers act as professional witnesses to support cases
  • Private investigator to prove harassment in the workplace
  • Private investigator to prove discrimination in the workplace
  • Private detective to prove bullying in the workplace
  • Proving third-party sexual harassment
  • Undercover worker to prove third-party harassment and bullying
  • Evidence to prove employees harassing other employees


Undercover Workers

Sometimes in order to identify potential issues within a work force an undercover operative is needed to embed themselves within a company. The specialist operative will gain the trust of members of staff and quickly begin to provide accurate intelligence identifying members of staff who may be detrimental, having an ‘inside man’ can also allow employers to have an influence over a work force.


Asset Tracking

Having a real time knowledge of where coming assets are at all times allows for employers to monitor valuable items to the company but also monitor staff for logging reasons or employee safety. At All Seeing Surveillance we are able to provide a range of devices for extended periods of time to monitor company assets or vehicle. Whether a valuable item is being transferred from one location to the next or it is suspected an employee is using a company vehicle in a manner that they did not receive authorisation, All Seeing Surveillance can offer a solution for monitoring and tracking.

Further Corporate Investigations and Legal Services

Bug Sweeping

Data Recovery

Enquiry Agent

Mystery Shopper

Penetration Testing

Professional Witness

Statement Taking

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