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85% of our clients have never used a private investigator before, they are nervous and wary before being reassured by our professional investigators, none of them regret it

Having a “gut” feeling that something isn’t quite right about a partner's actions can be unnerving and uncomfortable. This is a feeling that no one should have to experience. If you think your husband is having and affair or think your wife is having an affair, it can give you significant worries and cause stress. You deserve to know the truth and to have answers. These answers may not always be the easiest to hear but could also reassure you that all is well. Unfortunately over 90% of our private detectives who conduct matrimonial surveillance find the subject to be having an affair, being unfaithful or lying to their partner or spouse. Our investigator are able to confirm your "gut" suspicions and answer a lot of questions you may find you have.

At All Seeing Surveillance our private investigators have the experience and expert training to handle delicate matrimonial investigations with compassion and understanding. We will guide you through all aspects of the investigation, with your personal case detective on hand to offer advice, answer your questions and provide you with updates throughout your investigation. 

Whether your suspicions are confirmed or not, our private detectives provide our clients with concrete photographic evidence that is indisputable if the report is to be used in court.  Whether for divorce proceedings, or to allow you to confront your cheating partner, we will provide you with the evidence required.

if you have any concerns about your partner the checklist below details common signs an unfaithful partner may portray or how they may act.

 Common signs your partner may be cheating:

  • Change in level of intimacy towards you or not interested in sex
  • Change of routine (using the gym more, showering frequently)
  • Change of appearance, are they taking more time/pride in their appearance?
  • Suspicious phone habits, they wont answer calls or wont leave their phone lying around
  • Change in attitude towards you, Does your partner seem to get easily frustrated or distant towards you?
  • Spending longer away from home (leaving early/arriving home late)

If you are experiencing any number of the above points then our private investigators are here to help. All Seeing Surveillance are able to rapidly deploy private investigation surveillance teams to begin matrimonial investigations and begin to get your answers. Our highly trained private investigators have experience working throughout the UK and internationally. Contact one of our private detectives for a no obligation discussion and quote. We will listen and advise you honestly, offering a solution that is tailor made for your individual case and budget. 

The services we offer our private clients can be found below, please call to discuss our competitive rates and discover how we can provide you with answers.

What is included in matrimonial investigations:

All Seeing Surveillance employ carefully selected matrimonial investigators and detectives to carry out all matrimonial surveillance cases. When choosing All Seeing Surveillance you can be confident your investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by caring professionals. Included in your investigation package is –

  • FREE pre-investigation; online background checks, reconnaissance and case building
  • Required surveillance and observations
  • GPS vehicle tracking (an optional extra to investigations but highly recommended)
  • Surveillance vehicles that are fully equipped with the latest specialist surveillance technology
  • Frequent updates throughout your investigation
  • Professionally edited video footage and photographic stills complied into thorough reports

Partner Investigations

Using a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse
Receiving a phone call late in the day or being told your partner is planning a weekend away that doesn’t feel quite right can cause unnecessary stress and worry. If you are concerned your husband is having an affair or your wife is having an affair, All Seeing Surveillance can deploy, locate and observe your partner within a few hours of contact providing real time information and images allowing for your suspicions to be confirmed or put to rest. Our investigators are able to blend into situations from 5 star restaurants in the city to small pubs in the country capture video evidence of your partner and allow you to make informed decisions. All Seeing Surveillance are able to deploy teams rapidly for as little as £195.

Prove Co-Habitations

Do you have suspicions an ex-partner is co-habitating with a new partner?
When separating from a partner it can be a difficult and emotional time without the added financial stress that can occur. Should one partner decide to be untruthful and not fully disclose they are cohabiting with a new partner this can have effects on financial circumstances and court proceedings. All Seeing Surveillance specialise in providing fast and efficient investigations, our operatives will attend a subject’s address morning and evening capturing proof of a properties cohabitants entering and leaving over a number of days to ensure cohabitation cannot be disputed.  We can provide you with evidence within a week, all reports are accompanied by high quality imagery or video footage suitable for a court hearing. Packages start from as little as £600.

Online Dating Investigations

How to find if a partner has an internet dating profile
With the evolution of smart phones and apps a partners behaviour around their computer or phone can raise suspicions. All Seeing Surveillance are able to provide truth and relief by confirming or denying your suspicions. Our specialist investigators use a variety of techniques to interrogate online databases with the aim to discover a partners profiles should they be unfaithful and using the internet to facilitate their actions.

Dating Safety Checks

How do you know a person is who they say they are
With the internet, dating sites, and apps a vast majority of new relationships begin online, but how do you know you someone is being truthful and are the person they say they are. Our online investigations allow for peace of mind and reassurance that you are speaking to the person you believe they are. With a few details we can establish a complete background of an individual mitigating risks from fraudsters and con artists. Should you wish to meet an unknown individual we are also able to provide an extremely discreet presence ensuring your safety until you feel comfortable. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and our specialist investigators will be happy to help.

Prenuptial Investigations

Do you need a prenuptial agreement?
When getting married and entering into a legally binding contract it may be necessary to investigations of your potential spouse. Entering a marriage with complete peace of mind allows you to start married life in the best possible way. It is important that your assets, family history and financial status are not at risk. All Seeing Surveillance understand the sensitivity associated with a pre-nuptial investigation and guarantee complete discretion when protecting your reputation.

Arranged Marriage Investigations

Do you need pre-marriage checks?
All Seeing Surveillance have an in depth understanding of the cultural considerations when carrying out arranged marriage investigation. When two families agree to join it is vital that both parties are open and honest and not entering the relationship for unethical and wrongful gains. Our specialist investigators have experiences in carrying out in depth investigations into individuals and families and have proven families wont be dishonest and entering into relationships for financial and community status gain. Investigations are carried out without the knowledge of the other family.

Integrity Testing

Do you trust your partner on a night out?
Do you have concerns about your partner’s actions on a night out with friends or colleagues? Do they act ‘shifty’ when asked about their night and potentially show signs of infidelity. Our specialist investigators are able to follow your partner whilst on a night out and monitor their behaviour and activity whilst in social situations. Whilst out your partner will be recorded and all occurrences documented to enable you to make an informed decision on their behaviour.


How can a private detective use surveillance to conduct matrimonial investigations
Surveillance is an integral part of all physical investigations. Having the ability to observe an individual whilst remaining seemingly invisible and gathering evidence, intelligence and footage to confirm or deny infidelity whether it be a subject entering a hotel or greeting an unknown individual intimately.
Our surveillance teams can be deployed in any environment, teams consisting of 2 or more operatives carry out observations from static vehicle’s (OP), mobile vehicle, foot surveillance and rural surveillance. Always prepared and adaptable All Seeing Surveillance regularly combine various techniques from hours to weeks whilst on task.

GPS Tracking

Do you need to track your partners movements?
GPS Trackers are a cost effective, efficient way of monitoring vehicles and assets remotely and discreetly. With the ability to attach devices to vehicles in seconds All Seeing Surveillance operatives deploy trackers nationally. Offering our customers the ability to monitor the location of devices any time of night or day and receive regular reports detailing locations and routes taken. We offer our clients the ability to receive text messages when a vehicle moves or enters specified areas.
Our rates are incredibly competitive in relation to our competitors and devices can be rented from as little as 7 days or indefinitely.

If you find yourself asking any of the questions below you may need a private investigator to carry out matrimonial surveillance on your behalf:

  • I need to catch a cheating husband
  • I need to catch a cheating wife
  • I need to catch a cheating partner
  • I need to catch a cheater
  • I think my husband is having an affair
  • I think my wife is having an affair
  • I think my partner is having an affair
  • I need to hire someone to catch my husband cheating
  • I need to hire someone to catch my wife cheating
  • I need to hire someone to follow my husband
  • I need to hire someone to follow my wife
  • I need to hire someone to follow my partner
  • How do I catch my husband cheating?
  • How do I catch my wife cheating?
  • How do I catch my partner cheating?
  • How can I prove my husband is cheating?
  • How can I prove my wife is cheating?
  • How can I prove my partner is cheating?
  • Is my husband cheating on me?
  • Is my wife cheating on me?
  • Is my partner cheating on me?
  • Is my husband having an affair?
  • Is my wife having an affair?
  • is my partner having an affair?

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