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Private Investigation And Surveillance

At All Seeing Surveillance we combine a wealth of knowledge, experience and technology to offer our clients a bespoke investigation service tailored to their individual needs. Each client is assigned a personal investigator to provide guidance throughout the entire investigation, answering any questions that can understandably arise.

We offer a number of services and competitive rates for every unique investigation. Our investigation services are available individually, or combined to build a more in-depth product. Our private investigators operate under a strict ethical and moral code, therefore all evidence gained is acquired lawfully, is fully court compliant, and able to withstand any scrutiny. Our private detectives are also able to act as professional witness to justify any evidence.

All information received from our clients is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We share no information with third parties and keep the evidence for the minimum time required by the client, before securely destroying it in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

The services we offer our private clients can be found below, please call one of our case handlers to discuss our competitive rates and your unique investigation. All investigations are unique but a breakdown if investigation fees can be found here.

What is included in investigation packages:

All Seeing Surveillance employ carefully selected investigators and detectives to carry out all investigations. When choosing All Seeing Surveillance you can be confident your investigation will be carried out to the highest possible standard by professionals. Included in your investigation package is –

  • FREE pre-investigation; preparation, reconnaissance and case building
  • Required surveillance and observations
  • GPS vehicle tracking (an optional extra to investigations but highly recommended)
  • Surveillance vehicles that are fully  equipped with the latest specialist surveillance technology
  • Frequent updates throughout your investigation
  • Professionally edited video footage and photographic stills complied into thorough reports


How can a private investigator use surveillance?
Surveillance is an integral part of all physical investigations. Having the ability to observe an individual whilst remaining seemingly invisible and gathering evidence, intelligence and footage to progress investigations is a skill that is learned from experience over years of operations from our investigators. Our surveillance teams can be deployed throughout the UK and internationally into any environment. Teams consisting of 2 or more operatives carry out observations from static vehicle OP’s (observation post), mobile vehicles, whilst on foot and in rural environments. Always prepared and adaptable All Seeing Surveillance regularly combine various techniques when carrying out investigations from hours to weeks whilst on task.

Vehicle Tracking

Are GPS Trackers Legal? .... YES
GPS Trackers are a cost effective, efficient way of monitoring vehicles and assets remotely and discreetly. With the ability to attach devices to vehicles in seconds All Seeing Surveillance operatives deploy trackers nationally.
Offering our customers the ability to monitor the location of devices any time of night or day and receive regular reports detailing locations and routes taken by subjects and vehicles We offer our clients the ability to receive text messages when a vehicle moves or enters specified areas. Our rates are incredibly competitive in relation to our competitors and devices can be rented from as little as 7 days or indefinitely from £200.

Background Checks

Is a person really who they say they are?
At All Seeing Surveillance our ability to carry out comprehensive, in-depth and accurate background checks on individuals and companies allows us to provide our clients with reassurance, peace of mind and the truth specific to the instructions received. Using experience and knowledge we aim to carry out background checks within 24 hours of instruction from the client and promise 100% discretion and confidentiality. Contained within our checks are a range of information from address history, financial status, business details plus more. If you have specific requirements for a check contact us to discuss how we can assist. Checks can be carried out for as little as £100

Cohabitation investigations

What can a landlord do about illegal subletting? How do i prove cohabitation in the UK?
Unlawful cohabitation can have impacts on a landlord’s assets and profits. All Seeing Surveillance specialise in providing fast and efficient investigations. Our operatives will attend an address morning and evening capturing proof of a properties cohabitants entering and leaving over a number of days to ensure cohabitation the evidence is indisputable. All reports are accompanied by high quality imagery or video footage that will with stand any interrogation. Investigations can be completed and evidence provided in as little as a week. With packages starting from as £600 contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Carer/Nanny Investigations

Ensure your family's carers are doing what they are suppose to
Whether a young or elderly relative having the peace and reassurance that your family is being cared for correctly and appropriately allows our clients to put trust in their employees. All Seeing Surveillance carry out discreet, compassionate and professional investigations, providing evidence from the treatment elderly relatives receive from carers, installation of covert cameras to prevent theft from care homes and ensuring children are receiving appropriate care from nannies and having fulfilling days. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Farm/Rural Surveillance

Farm theft protection and prevention
Rural surveillance is a specialised skill that operatives at All Seeing Surveillance gained from military experiences and transfer to the commercial environment. With a number of considerations rural surveillance allows for evidence to be obtain in isolated areas. Investigations are able to stay in position from days to weeks with teams ‘dug in’ and camouflaged providing accurate intelligence. All Seeing Surveillance are able to deploy covert recording devices, static observations posts and teams into rural environments that can be monitored remotely. With this very specific service all cases are individual, contact us to discuss our range of solutions for you.




Have you deleted personal data or images by mistake?
All Seeing Surveillance offer a data recovery service allowing you to recover personal and sentimental data and files that may have been deleted or overwritten by mistake. Files can be contained on Computers, Laptops, IPhone, Android Devices, SD Cards and USB Drives. Our detectives can also retrieve lost SMS text messages, call history and photographs. We send a secured courier service to collect your device. We aim to return your device to you with 5 working days via a secured courier service.


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