Employee Time Theft



Employees may be unaware that they are inadvertently committing time theft through their actions in the workplace. Time costs money, so ensuring your workforce is not wasting yours is an integral part of your day-to-day operations.

What is Employee Time Theft?

From regularly turning up late to not working to the best of their ability, employers face increasing difficulties monitoring the productivity of their workforce. Time theft can include;
  • Clocking in/out early – sometimes employees can enlist colleagues to clock in or out for them. On the system, it may look like they are working during their allotted times, but, they may have left or arrived hours after they were supposed to start/end working.
  • Decreased productivity – employees that are required to work alone for long periods of time may not be working to the best of the ability when they are not being monitored.
  • Long lunches/breaks – employees may be found to be taking longer breaks which can add up to a considerable amount of time over several weeks.
  • Personal admin – are employees spending too much of their day carrying out personal calls, internet usage, or social media?
Our private investigators will help you pinpoint the causes of time theft in your workplace. Through various surveillance or undercover worker options, we can provide you with a detailed report of the instances of time theft within your work environment.
Though time theft is difficult to define, our private investigators have experienced many different scenarios and are trained to detect situations where employee’s actions are costing company time and productivity.

How Private Investigation Can Help You

Embarking upon investigations of your employees can have massive impacts on your company. You may become privy to information you weren’t aware of and aren’t best pleased about. Ultimately our private investigators in the UK can help your business become aware of the people that could be holding you back or, simply, wasting your own time and money.
Imperative to any investigation is employing the right team. At All Seeing Surveillance, our investigators are discreet, honest and completely reliable. Our skilled investigators have assisted businesses in preventing the rising costs of needless overtime because of a complete lack of control over their employees time management systems.
To prevent the mismanagement and exploitation of time in your business, our investigators will highlight to you the ways in which employees are stealing company time. You will receive a detailed analysis of the techniques used by employees to deceive you. Our private investigators will remain completely discreet to your employees and will only liaise with the people you have outlined in your brief to us. We can also assist you in implementing operational procedures to prevent staff from mismanaging their time in the future.

Techniques Private Investigators Can Use

Our private investigation operatives are experts in the fields of surveillance and undercover operations. Upon a review of your case file, we can discuss with you how we feel best to monitor time theft in your workplace. All our investigators comply entirely with UK legal legislation and follow strict moral and ethical guidelines.

Contacting a Private Investigator in the UK

  • Contact our team of highly skilled investigators. From a range of military, corporate and private security backgrounds, we can assist businesses of all sizes to implement and monitor their workforce.
  • Receive evidence of employee misconduct, time management insights and productivity levels.
  • UK Private Investigations utilise various technologies and surveillance techniques which comply entirely with UK laws and regulations.


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