Pre-contract Background Checks



A background check or screening is essential for businesses hiring employees that are going to be responsible for large numbers of people, budgets & cash. A background check can provide information on;
  • CV Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Education
  • Right to Work
  • Previous Criminal Convictions
All Seeing Surveillance can tailor a background check to ensure you receive the accurate information you need before deciding whether to employ somebody.

Hire a Private Detective for a Background Check

Our private detectives offer thoughtful and truthful feedback on all our cases. Our background check services assist you in verifying an employees application and trustworthiness in the workplace. Utilising expert investigative techniques to delve into the lives of potential employees, we can explore a candidate’s achievements and claims – so you are confident you are making the correct decision and in their ability to carry out the job.
Hiring a detective to carry out background check may seem unnecessary but ensures your business is protected from potential financial, security and data breaches by employing only the most appropriate people for the position.

What Private Investigators Check in a Background Screening?

Pre-employment screening is a vague topic that can be moulded to suit the requirements you need in verifying a candidate’s application. Once we have agreed with you what you need to check, we will follow this guideline to investigate anything from the actual education grades to the date they left a previous role.
Our investigators can also provide information on a candidate’s credit profile, should this be required or relevant to the position they are applying for. Our screening process is utterly flexible to the needs of your business. We aim to give you the security you need to employ a candidate that could be in a position of leadership and uncover any facts that may negatively impact your businesses operations and reputation within your industry.
All Seeing Surveillance has provided accurate and timely reports to many businesses requiring further verification of claims made by candidates, new employees and shareholder investors.

Employee Background Checks – Make The Right Decision

Employing the use of our UK private investigators to research the validity of a new employee is an incredibly smart business move. Choosing the right candidate for the position, ironing out potential security threats and ensuring the smooth on-going operation of your business.

Contacting All Seeing Surveillance UK Investigators

  • Providing a range of services from our expert and highly skilled operatives, All-Seeing Surveillance can assist you in complex matters which may be beneficial for your business to outsource. Our team will provide you with a free pre-investigation case building package to ensure that the terms of the investigation are correctly outlined.
  • During the investigation or background screening, you will receive regularly updated regarding the information we have found, and you can choose to investigate something further should this be of interest.
  • Our UK investigators can be deployed nationwide & Internationally with quick, but accurate, turnarounds. Our operatives have developed skills from careers within the military, national and private security background.


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