Property Management Investigation



Our UK investigators can help landlords in dealing with the multiple issues surrounding property management and to-let properties. These problems can include;
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Subletting
  • Overcrowding
  • Homes of Multiple Occupation
  • Rent arrears

Hiring a Private Investigator in The UK

All Seeing Surveillance provides expert detectives in London and the rest of the United Kingdom. Our Property Management team can assist you by helping you keep a closer-eye on tenants living within your properties.
If you suspect a tenant is breaking the terms of their tenancy agreement, our surveillance experts can gather the evidence you need to be able to prove that they are not truthful.
Property Management and Housing Associations have to deal with many issues surrounding unruly tenants. Often one of the most problematic aspects is proving that the tenant is breaking the terms of their tenancy agreement or is being a nuisance to those in the surrounding area.
This is why our Property Management investigators are often working alongside housing associations and landlords to tackle the growing problem of bad tenants before they cause too much issue.

Private Investigators Help Property Management Companies

If you need to gain a better understanding of what your tenants are up to, a detective investigator can help gather surveillance to be used as evidence that the tenant is acting against the terms of their tenancy agreements. Perhaps you suspect they are subletting the property they live in, and you need proof but cannot access the property yourself.
We have also successfully proven that tenants in arrears with their rent are spending money elsewhere. This crucial evidence can help you get the tenant evicted and let the property to someone more honest about their bills and rent commitments.
Our surveillance experts can help investigate incidents wherein properties have been severely damaged and abandoned. Your case handler will track down the former tenants so that you can begin the process of attempting to prosecute them.
Investigating on behalf of Property Management & Landlords can be difficult. Tenants often put up a wall between themselves and their landlord, especially if the relationship has soured. Our investigators are expert in breaking down those barriers through surveillance, undercover operations and excellent people management skills.
We recognise when different techniques are appropriate and adjust our investigative strategy to tailor-make your investigation. For example, investigating accident and incidents within a building may be a sensitive topic and require us to becoming trusted by those inside the complex.

Contacting a UK Private Investigator – How It Works

  • Our investigative departments are happy to help you develop an inquiry that is suitable for your desired outcomes. We will advise you on the legalities of surveillance and match you to a case handler that will be able to help you most successfully. Your case handler will also be your point of contact regarding your case and will keep you updated with detailed briefs and reports as the case progresses.
  • Our UK investigators can be deployed nationwide within 24 hours. We have built up a network of former military, armed forces & private security professionals that are experts in their fields and bring a variety of skills useful to the private investigation industry.
  • Embarking upon private investigation can be complicated. Our team are here to talk you through exactly what will happen and how we can help you best. We can work with you on single cases or multiple different times, as required.
  • You will not be given the results of your investigation and no clue what to do next. Your investigators will discuss with you the best course of action for you to take post-investigation.


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