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All Seeing Surveillance supports clients looking to investigate the background of individuals or companies.
Our background checks are thorough and can include the following information;
Our background checks will be tailored to your requirements. All Seeing Surveillance has successfully helped private individuals and companies of all sizes learn more about those involved with them. Our background checks can range from basic to advanced and will be customised to the information you need to verify or learn more about.
Your investigator will also be able to answer your queries regarding any information that we have found, and provide all the details you need to complete your background check.
We can background check both individuals and companies.

Background Checks by Private Investigators in the UK

Private Investigators can provide you with all the information you require on an individual, group or company you are dealing with.
Our background checks give you an honest & factual perspective from which you can draw your conclusions. We have successfully helped clients learn more about the people they need to by utilising our expert investigative team.
All Seeing Surveillance aim to help you understand the people around you better. Perhaps you are an established company hiring or promoting an existing employee and wanted to check the history of your new candidate clear security protocols.
We have also helped law firms develop defence strategies by gaining intelligence on people related to a case.

Background Checks – When Are They Required?

All Seeing Surveillance has worked alongside clients and legal departments carrying out background checks for many different reasons, including;

Why Background Checks Are Necessary

Background screening gives you the chance to understand thoroughly the necessary information you require before committing to hiring or investing your time with someone.
Unfortunately, it is far too easy for someone to present themselves differently. Perhaps an application form someone has completed may need to be verified before you offer the position, for example. Alternatively, you want to confirm that someone is whom the person is saying they are. Whatever the reason for requiring further verification, our UK private investigators are capable of uncovering even the most difficult people. Providing you with a complete report detailing everything you need to know, and they have not told you!

Contacting an Investigator in the UK


For Employers

Private Investigation helps employers prevent costly situations within the workplace.

  • Undercover Worker Service
  • Investigate False Sick Leave 
  • Investigate Workplace Theft 
  • Employee Time Theft 

For Landlords

Explore our investigation services for private landlords and housing associations.

  • Housing Association Investigations 
  • Property Management Investigation 
  • Prove Illegal subletting 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

All Seeing Surveillance will track any vehicle, deploying and retrieving the GPS Device. 

  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Theft Prevention

Background Checks & Due Diligence

All Seeing Surveillance helps employers & Landlords make the right choice. 

Bug Sweeping

Our Detectives conducts Bug Sweeps in corporate premises & vehicles. 

Legal and Litigation Support

Explore how our investigations can help law firms & legal departments nationwide.

Same day investigations available

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