Divorce & Child Custody Investigations



Our corporate UK investigation department can assist legal professionals, law firms and solicitors in gathering information regarding a client’s former partner.

Why Might You Need An Investigator?

When two people are filing for divorce, they may have assets that need to be divided as part of the legal proceedings. Coming to these agreements is difficult, especially when there are children involved.
If your client suspects that perhaps their former husband or wife is not entirely truthful about their finances, criminal past or health (for example), we can help you investigate this further so that you can present your findings as part of your defence strategy.

What is a Child Custody Investigation?

A child custody investigation often carried out as part of a separation or divorce proceedings, involves an inquiry into one of the parents’ ability to care and have the child’s best welfare as a priority.
Our UK corporate investigation team can assist your client in compiling court-admissible evidence to help their case in securing a child custody agreement in their favour and the child’s best interest.

What happens during an investigation?

Your investigator will contact you so that they can be briefed on your client’s requirements for the investigation. Your private investigator will observe the care your client’s child is receiving and gather information regarding any details which could raise concerns.
All Seeing Surveillance has carried out UK Child Custody investigations and successfully helped parents ensure the safety and welfare of their children remains a priority during periods of change and separation.

What is a Divorce Investigation?

All Seeing Surveillance carries out divorce & separation investigations on behalf of legal teams representing former spouses. We also work directly with individuals seeking clarification outside of any legal issues.
Our team can help you compile court-admissible evidence that paints an accurate understanding of your client’s former partner to the court. Our investigations will also dive into the financial history of your client’s previous partner so that you can build a case reflecting the honest picture of the couples shared assets.
We have also assisted legal teams to prove that non-cohabitation clauses as part of a spousal maintenance agreement are not being followed.
Our aim at All Seeing Surveillance is to give your client the knowledge they need to present their case to the court as successfully as possible.

Contacting An Investigator


For Employers

Private Investigation helps employers prevent costly situations within the workplace.

  • Undercover Worker Service
  • Investigate False Sick Leave 
  • Investigate Workplace Theft 
  • Employee Time Theft 

For Landlords

Explore our investigation services for private landlords and housing associations.

  • Housing Association Investigations 
  • Property Management Investigation 
  • Prove Illegal subletting 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

All Seeing Surveillance will track any vehicle, deploying and retrieving the GPS Device. 

  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Theft Prevention

Background Checks & Due Diligence

All Seeing Surveillance helps employers & Landlords make the right choice. 

Bug Sweeping

Our Detectives conducts Bug Sweeps in corporate premises & vehicles. 

Legal and Litigation Support

Explore how our investigations can help law firms & legal departments nationwide.

Same day investigations available

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