Lifestyle Investigations



All Seeing Surveillance are experts in carrying out a wide range of investigation on the lifestyle of an individual or groups of people.
Working alongside law firms and corporate companies our lifestyle investigation department dives into the following information;
  • Appraisal of basic lifestyle information
  • Financial standing
  • Employment Status
  • Property valuations
  • Address verification
Our lifestyle investigations are often used as part of a due diligence process or to trace individuals on behalf of law firms.

Hiring a Lifestyle Private Investigator

There are many instances where you may require a more thorough investigation into the lifestyle of certain individuals. We have helped evaluate these circumstances for the following reasons;
  • Court proceedings – is someone lying about how much money they have?
  • Divorce
  • Relationship breakdown
  • Adultery investigations
  • Gambling addictions
  • Missing money
All Seeing Surveillance offers careful detective work to support your on-going case against someone or just to give you a clearer picture of somebody you are cohabiting with or in a long-term relationship with.

Lifestyle Investigation Report

The reports we provide you be detailed and easy to understand. Our lifestyle investigators will tailor their surveillance and investigative strategy to your requirements. We will compile information on the whereabouts of the target, whom they meet with and where they go. This information will be useful if you require information regarding the finances of somebody as it can be compared with other information that we find in their finances.
You will also receive photographic and video evidence of the target and can use this information as you please. All our investigations comply with UK surveillance and data protection laws.
Law firms may use these reports as submittable evidence to court as proof that someone has been hiding assets or has not been truthful about their lifestyle.

Hiring a Private Investigator in the UK

Hiring a private investigator with All Seeing Surveillance is a surprisingly easy process. Upon initially contacting a member of our support team we will be able to create a case brief and review how best to approach your case.
We will match you with the most appropriate investigator in the UK who can be deployed into action within 24 hours. You will also be able to choose the most appropriate time for the investigation to being, should this be relevant to your brief.
Your investigator will be able to keep you updated and can react to the unforeseen circumstances that lifestyle investigations and surveillance can present.

Contacting An Investigator

  • All Seeing Surveillance help businesses of all sizes and private individuals conduct thorough investigations into the lifestyle of another person. Our evidence and surveillance can be used in court.
  • Our investigators are experts in their fields and highly regarded in the UK for excellent investigation and results. From a range of private, corporate and military backgrounds, your investigator has gained experience dealing with a multitude of different situations and issues.
  • All Seeing Surveillance is 100% confidential and our support staff will be your first point of contact in matching your case with a suitable investigator. You will also be given the opportunity to voice any questions and find out more about how we operate.


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