As experienced, professional process servers, we know what you need and expect. We can serve court documents to intended recipients in London, the surrounding regions, or throughout the UK.

Our approach to process serving

We are very aware that the success of the case, and possibly your professional reputation, may depend on the ability to serve the correct documents in a timely manner. At All Seeing Surveillance, we know and understand the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), as well as the different methods of, and requirements for, serving legal documents.

Our services

In 95% of cases, we serve within 24 hours of receiving an instruction (with two follow up attempts if required) but we also offer same-day service (with the first attempt within six hours).

We know you may require documents to be served under difficult or sensitive circumstances, and in a short period of time, so we’ll always respond to an instruction quickly. Receipt of papers will be acknowledged, and we’ll perform our own checks to ensure everything needed is in order.

We keep you informed throughout the process, letting you know as soon as service has occurred. If something prevents us from serving to the intended recipient, we’ll let you know why and what we propose to do next.

Within 24 hours of serving documents, the process server will provide you with proof of service. This could be:

  • a Certificate of Service;
  • a Statement of Service;
  • an affidavit confirming the date and time the documents were served.

We’re always available to discuss what may be required, both before a court hearing so that we can be standing by, or immediately afterwards.

Types of documents

All Seeing Surveillance provides process serving for all types of legal documents, including papers in respect of family proceedings, statutory demands, winding up and bankruptcy, landlord and tenant issues, injunctions and general court documents.

We can assist with:

  • Claim forms, summons, writs and court orders;
  • Divorce petitions;
  • Non-molestation injunctions;
  • Occupation orders;
  • Possession orders;
  • Prohibited steps orders;
  • Statutory demands;
  • Winding-up petitions.

Rules and compliance

All our process servers understand the different rules of service. We understand the relevant Human Rights legislation and have invested in state-of-the-art software and revised our processes to ensure ourselves, our operatives and clients are fully GDPR compliant. All employees and agents are fully trained and carefully vetted.

We accept instructions in respect of serving documents to all entities including partnerships, businesses, representatives of a business, and individuals.

Process Serving investigators discussing an investigation

Difficult situations

We are experienced in dealing with a variety of complex, difficult or sensitive situations, including:

Service where the individual to be served is either avoiding service or could be violent

Where necessary we will liaise with you to gather as much information as we can. There may be circumstances when it is necessary to liaise with the police and request their attendance – we are used to working in conjunction with law enforcement.

Simultaneous service

There may be occasions when it is necessary to serve different individuals or organisations at different locations, but at the same time. We are familiar with this and have the resources to carry this out.

Urgent service

We have the experience and human resource to hand for those occasions when you require documents to be served at very short notice.

Sensitive cases

We are fully aware of the need for confidentiality and mindfulness in order to avoid adverse publicity. With high profile or sensitive cases, you can be confident that we will react appropriately and with discretion.  

Competitive fees

Our rates for process serving in London and surrounding counties are extremely competitive:

Standard service: £96

Includes a first attempt within 24 hours of instruction (plus two follow up attempts if required).

Same-day service: £145

Includes a first attempt within six hours of receiving instruction (plus two follow up attempts if required).

Trace and serve: £140

No trace, no fee (providing minimal details are required). Includes a first attempt within 24 hours of instruction (plus two follow up attempts if required).


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