All Seeing Surveillance can provide process serving services throughout London & the UK to those who require accurate, timely and efficient document hand delivery.

Process Serving is the act of locating and delivering in person important paperwork.

How Does Process Serving Work?

At All Seeing Surveillance, we have successfully helped a variety of clients track down individuals to serve them with legal or otherwise essential documents.

Our UK team of investigative specialists can help you quickly and efficiently locate someone and serve them with the paperwork you require them to have.

Process Server: What They Actually Do

  • Contact our team who will match your requirements with a private investigator specialising in locating and serving documents.
  • Arrange collection or delivery of documents to us.
  • Your process server will attempt delivery based on the information you have provided for their address.
  • If you are unsure of your recipient’s location, we can help you locate them using our professional tracer investigators.

All Seeing Surveillance can provide fast, discreet and quick turnaround Process Serving. Our nationwide network means we can have one of our team sent to your location of choice as quickly as possible.

We have a network of the most experienced investigators, detectives and agents in the United Kingdom here to assist your business or you personally.

If you are unsure about the current location of the person whom you need to receive your document, our investigators can provide timely tracing services using the information you have provided on the individual in question.

London and UK Process Serving

Our agents have served various materials, including;

  • Divorce paperwork/petitions
  • Court Ordered Injunctions
  • Writs
  • Summons
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Eviction notices

Our Process Servers in the UK are also able to hand deliver papers from international clients, businesses and individuals that require important paperwork to be securely & privately delivered.

Our agents will also provide evidence to verify that the recipient received the documents.

We have provided our process serving services for insurance firms, law firms, medical institutions, corporate and private clients.

Contacting Our Process Servor Investigators

  • All Seeing Surveillance has a network of agents across the UK that has successfully helped private, corporate and individual clients in securing the safe delivery of necessary documents and legal paperwork.
  • Our investigators have honed their experience from military, police, armed forces and private security backgrounds.
  • Contact our team today to discuss how best we can help you and find out more about the services we can offer.


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