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Going through divorce proceedings is an extremely stressful time. Amongst everything, your children’s welfare remains a priority. Perhaps your ex-spouse has custody of your children, and you suspect the child is not being looked after properly. Our investigators offer covert surveillance that will determine whether or not you need to pursue legal action to gain custody of your children.
All Seeing Surveillance has various investigative options available to help you understand the current welfare and lifestyle of your children who may be living full-time or temporarily with someone else as part of a court order.
Our investigations are discreet and completely legal.

Hiring a Private Investigator for Child Safety

Our UK private investigators can provide you with information and surveillance reports on a child’s welfare, treatment and day-to-day routine. Child Safety investigators provided by All Seeing Surveillance work in the best interest of the children concerned in the investigations. We are discreet, honest and reliable and understand how sensitive these sorts of investigations are.
All Seeing Surveillance services are 100% confidential.
Reasons you may wish to hire a child safety private investigator, include;
  • Substance Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • School Absences
  • New Partners
  • Custody Appeals

What is a Child Safety Investigation in the UK?

A child safety or custody investigation would gather surveillance and intelligence on the welfare of your children when they are with their caregiver (mother/father/family). If a court has decided that one partner should have full custody and you need to present evidence to overturn this decision – our investigators can gather this to prove that the children would be safer elsewhere.
Our investigations utilise video, audio a photographic equipment as surveillance techniques and pay particular attention not just to the basic needs of a child’s care but also other factors such as quality of life and the child’s happiness & demeanour.

Are Child Safety Investigations Worth It?

Children deserve the best start in life, and our investigators aim to help give them this. As a result of our investigation, you may find yourself in the following position;
  • Full custody – Should our report detail evidence that the child is in danger, a court will most likely remove the child from their care.
  • Joint custody – This means a court has agreed that both parties will share care of their children and each will see them on pre-decided days of the week.

Why Would I Need a Child Safety Investigation in the UK?

  • You are concerned that a new partner living in the same home as your children is not a good influence or is mistreating your children.
  • Your former partner may have alcohol or substance dependencies, and you want to investigate whether this is impacting the children’s care.
  • You have lost contact with your children and suspect they are being prevented from talking with you.

Contacting a Private Investigator in the UK

  • Our highly skilled network of detectives, investigators and agents around the UK are available within 24 hours notice. Your case will be handled by your investigator and will provide you with detailed reports and analysis of the findings of the investigation. You investigator operates with strict confidence, and all the information we collect is discreet and honest.
  • From a range of military, armed forces and private security backgrounds, our investigators have developed experience investigating corporate and private individuals.
  • Contact our support team who will match your brief with the most suitable investigator and answer any questions you may have.


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