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Marriage breakdowns are difficult for all the concerned parties. But if your marriage has broken down because of issues outside of your control, such as substance abuse or lifestyle habits, proving these in court can be difficult.
All Seeing Surveillance has a network of UK investigators that can help you compile the evidence you need to prove that your former partner may not currently be fit to look after themselves or your children.

Investigations in UK Divorce Cases

There may be several reasons why you choose to hire a private investigator during divorce proceedings. Perhaps your legal representation has recommended us as the best way to prove to the court the position you are in.
Whatever the reason, we can help you dive further into the life of your former partner and prove to the court that they may be untruthful throughout the process.
Our Lifestyle Investigation unit concentrates on the habits of people’s lives that could be destructive to a marriage. These include;
  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Gambling Addictions
  • Infidelity
  • Financial Deceit
  • Bigamy
  • Identity Fraud
  • Second Lives

“It’s not me, it’s you!” – Relationship Breakdowns

Often it is not always you that has caused the breakup between yourself and your ex-spouse, however, they may try to disprove this during your separation. Especially if your separation involves financial assets and child custody hearings.
Our expert private investigators will utilise various surveillance and investigative techniques to gather evidence for you to submit to the court and dispel their lies.
Our investigation team recognise how difficult it is to investigate someone you were, or still are, close too. We aim to make all our investigations as easy as possible and offer advice and guidance as to how to approach the situation best.

Hiring a Private Investigator in London and the rest of The UK

All Seeing Surveillance comprises a network of dedicated & expert detectives and support teams offering private investigation services throughout the UK.
Our team understand embarking upon a lifestyle and other types of private investigation are unusual and work alongside you to answer all of your questions.
After your lifestyle investigation has completed, you will be given a detailed case report explaining what happened during the investigation, what was found & how best to use the information you have received.
Our Private Investigation is based in the UK and offers all our services throughout the country.

Contacting one of our UK Private Investigators

  • All Seeing Surveillance support staff are available to take any questions & open your case file. They will match your case with the most appropriate investigator and advise you which investigative services are best for you.
  • Our UK investigators are from a wide range of backgrounds, including military, police, private security & corporate. Operating within strict confidentiality protocols your case will be handled by experts in their field trained to handle a variety of situations.
  • You’ll receive detailed case updates and a final report outlining the investigation results and any advice we can give you to use the information as productively as possible.


Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations

Investigate suspicions about your marriage and current or past relationships.

Covert Surveillance and Discreet Investigations

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Keep an eye on important items and the people which you value most in this world.

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