Counter Surveillance (TSCM)



All Seeing Surveillance TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) counter surveillance investigators offer specialised surveillance to private individuals and corporate organisations.
Our bug sweeping and counter surveillance is useful for those who fear they are being covertly recorded. Our UK investigators utilise years of experience and top of the range bug detection equipment to quickly clear your premises of audio & video recording equipment.
The ever-growing threat of information leaks and covert snooping is increasing at alarming rates. As people turn to questionable resources to get what they want, it’s important you & your business remain vigilant and prepared to deal with these disguisable threats.

What is Counter Surveillance?

Counter surveillance aims to remove & prevent further intrusive recordings or data leaks. Our counter surveillance departments also assist in tracing the source of the bug, so that you can prevent it from happening again.
Our Counter Surveillance investigators conduct physical searches of properties removing potential leak threats. After this to confirm removal of covert recording devices we use our surveillance detection equipment to find hidden devices within a property.
Our surveillance experts can also track hidden software on computers.

Covert Surveillance Experts

All Seeing Surveillance UK investigators can implement fast protection packages as part of counter-surveillance operations. Our plans include thorough bug sweeping and device detection as well as tracing the source of the surveillance. We will also determine if any physical surveillance is being undertaken and provide you with the necessary information if so.
All our UK investigators understand the sensitive nature of counter surveillance and work alongside you to reassure you of your safety and secure damaging information leaks from happening again.
Our investigators can provide counter-surveillance to all types of locations, including;
As experts in surveillance and investigative techniques, our investigators are able to implement groundbreaking counter-surveillance detection & bug sweeping in various locations throughout the UK and internationally.

Hiring a Counter Surveillance Investigator in the UK

The types of people who we have worked with as part of counter-surveillance operations include the following;
Our excellent and highly regarded team of investigative experts are crucial to helping you secure your premises, workplace and electronic devices from intrusive covert recording.

Contacting an Investigator


Child Safety Surveillance

All Seeing Surveillance has various investigative options available to help you understand the current welfare and lifestyle of your children who may be living full-time or temporarily with someone else as part of a court order.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Covert surveillance is one of the best ways to identify the facts. Our team of specialist matrimonial investigators leave no room for doubt when investigating a case and will help you confront your suspicions by getting you the information you need.

Nanny Surveillance

Conducting Surveillance on nannies is a fantastic option to exclude any uncomfortable lifestyle choices that may harm your family.

Counter Surveillance (TSCM)

All Seeing Surveillance TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) counter surveillance investigators offer specialised surveillance to private individuals and corporate organisations.

Farm & Rural Surveillance

Farms & countryside properties may be situated in tranquil areas but these rural environments are equally prone to criminal activities, burglaries and damage.

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