Due Diligence



All Seeing Surveillance provide covert due diligence investigations for businesses and private individuals wishing to manage the risk of company opportunities.
Our Due Diligence investigations secure & protect your company – backing up your business decisions with factual & detailed reports about a variety of issues that could affect your activities. Our in-depth investigations are vital in uncovering vast details of information useful to judge the value of new business investments, partnerships & acquisitions.
All Seeing Surveillance conduct covert due diligence investigations for;
  • High Profile Investments
  • Detailed Business Histories
  • Board of Director Research
  • Civil Litigation
  • Certification Verification
  • Global Networking
  • Donations
  • Acquisitions & Mergers

Covert Due Diligence Investigations

All Seeing Surveillance’s due diligence investigations give you the concrete evidence you need to make the right business decisions. Whether you’re pondering accepting a large donation or wish to know more about a newly appointed director a due diligence enquiry provides you with a thorough analysis.
Our expert UK private investigators organise a report compiling all the information we discover and highlight the most crucial parts of our investigation so that you are fully aware of the most important data we find.
The information we look into can be personalised to your requirements and will allow you to dive into the honest financial & credit history and reputations of new business interests.

Expert Private Investigation work in London & the rest of The UK

Our highly specialised investigations are made possible by our fantastic team of expertly trained private investigators and support teams. From a range of military, armed forces and corporate career backgrounds our investigators know exactly what to look for & where as part of your due diligence investigation. Giving your company extra peace of mind that you are making the most financially & reputable profitable decisions.
Our due diligence investigation unit is discreet and 100% confidential. Working completely unseen and undetected, those you are investigating will not even know they are facing scrutiny. So, should the investigation not trigger anything you are unhappy with – they need never know they were investigated in the first place.

Contacting an Investigator

  • All Seeing Surveillance carries out covert surveillance & investigative operations for businesses of all sizes and private individuals.
  • Our investigations are highly regarded in the United Kingdom for speed and level of accuracy. Our investigators are able to help you work through the information we find and provide comprehensive reports detailing the investigation.
  • Our support team are here to answer any questions you may have about our due diligence investigations and other covert surveillance services which may be helpful to your company.


Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations

Investigate suspicions about your marriage and current or past relationships.

Covert Surveillance and Discreet Investigations

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Keep an eye on important items and the people which you value most in this world.

Same day investigations available

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