Matrimonial Lifestyle Investigations



Do you have questions about your current or former partner? Our team of specialist private investigators conducts thorough and comprehensive lifestyle investigations to uncover a person’s character and if they are living a double life.
Based in London, our professional lifestyle investigators can conduct discretionary investigations anywhere in the UK.

How can a lifestyle investigator help me?

Hiring a lifestyle investigator is a cost-effective way to protect yourself from a partner who isn’t entirely honest with you.
It is not uncommon to have suspicions that your partner or spouse is cheating on you. All Seeing Surveillance strive to provide you with definite answers so that your concerns cannot be disputed. Our lifestyle investigators tailor investigations to your case and budget and value discretion as paramount to sensitive operations.
For example – if you believe your partner might be purchasing expensive gifts for an affair, we can conduct an in-depth financial investigation of your partner’s lifestyle to determine what they are spending their money on.
Our professional lifestyle investigators utilize sophisticated surveillance and investigation techniques to examine known assets and locate those that might be hidden from you.
If you are worried your partner is keeping financial information from you, our team of highly skilled lifestyle investigators is experienced in conducting business investigations to obtain undisputable evidence of hidden assets.
Equally, if your former partner lives a lavish lifestyle but claims they can’t afford child maintenance – we can collate evidence that unreported income may well be funding their activities.
Divorce and separation will often lead to disputes over custody if you share children with your former partner. If you fear your children will be placed in a dangerous environment, conducting a lifestyle investigation is a sensible investment which will protect your children from harm.
By hiring a private lifestyle investigator, you will receive real-time updates including the subject’s location in a matter of hours after the initial investigation briefing. We can also determine:
  • Where the person is staying
  • Who they are with
  • Who they bring your children into contact with
Nothing is more important than knowing your children are in a safe environment and with the right people when you are not present. The evidence we obtain from lifestyle investigations will help you to make a more informed decision on whether you will seek full custody or shared custody of your child.
Is your partner spending all their earnings? Have you noticed the balance of your joint bank account plummet? We invest in highly professional lifestyle investigators to determine your partner’s spending behaviour and will be able to give you concrete evidence that they have a gambling problem.

How do we carry out lifestyle investigations?

At All Seeing Surveillance, we devise a full lifestyle investigation profile on a specific target by compiling comprehensive background searches and conducting discrete surveillance with minimal chance of detection.
From the moment you call us, we will assign an individual case detective to you. This person will be a trained professional in handling lifestyle investigation cases and will be willing to discuss any needs or concerns you might have before, during and after the investigation.
All Seeing Surveillance conduct in-depth, around the clock surveillance investigations. Our successful surveillance procedures also incorporate fully equipped surveillance vehicles to give you precise, reliable information on your partner’s whereabouts. These include live reports and undisputable photographic and video evidence of impeccable quality.
As part of a lifestyle investigation, we might be required to conduct a thorough inquiry into your partner’s finances. Our investigators are experienced in finding property, cars, bank accounts, and evidence of unreported income.
GPS tracking can be purchased as an additional service and highly compliments on foot investigations. With GPS tracking, you can track your partner’s movements remotely and receive live updates while remaining completely anonymous.
Our hidden GPS units are a highly efficient way for our private investigators to gather intelligence about your partner’s location in a short space of time.

Contacting a Private Investigator in the UK

  • It is not uncommon to have suspicions that your partner or spouse is Our specialist team of lifestyle investigators are experts in undercover assignments – giving you the evidence you need to make an informed, and undisputable decision.
  • When a spouse acts suspiciously, it can cause unnecessary stress and worry. We offer lifestyle investigation and surveillance packages to fit any circumstance.
  • For a more detailed discussion of your situation and what you hope to gain from a private matrimonial investigation, don’t hesitate to contact our team of trained investigators. You will be paired with a case handler who will be your point of contact should you have any queries or need to make us aware of a change in circumstance during the investigation.


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