Matrimonial Surveillance



Hiring a matrimonial private investigator to investigate suspected infidelity will never be an easy decision to make. We understand the distressing nature of the situation, which is why we tailor investigations to your case and budget and value discretion as paramount to sensitive operations.
Covert surveillance is one of the best ways to identify the facts. Our team of specialist matrimonial investigators leave no room for doubt when investigating a case and will help you confront your suspicions by getting you the information you need.
Based in London, our professional investigators can conduct discretionary investigations anywhere in the UK.

Common Signs of a Cheating Spouse

If you believe your spouse is unfaithful, you may have observed some major changes in their behaviour that are cause for suspicion and may warrant a private investigation:
Modern communication is also a common reason to believe your partner could be cheating. Today there are endless opportunities hide your online activity – whether it be via email, social media or pin protected messages – you cannot keep track of it all. Our specialist team of private investigators are trained to conduct thorough online investigations as well as physical pursuits.

How do we carry our matrimonial surveillance?

We know the decision to hire a matrimonial investigator is a difficult one. Letting a stranger into your relationship is daunting, but the ‘not knowing’ aspect can often be harder to cope with.
All Seeing Surveillance invest in dutiful private investigators who conduct themselves respectfully and act with the utmost sensitivity when handling matrimonial investigations.

Matrimonial surveillance package:

Our insight private investigators are thoroughly trained in all aspects of covert physical pursuits. Whether it be on foot or vehicle tracking – we can monitor your spouse any time.
All Seeing Surveillance use specialist matrimonial private investigators who will be able to locate your spouse or partner in a matter of hours after the initial investigation briefing.
Our successful surveillance procedures incorporate fully equipped surveillance vehicles to give you precise, reliable information during the investigation.
GPS tracking can be purchased as an additional service and highly compliments on foot investigations. With GPS tracking, you can track your partner’s movements remotely and receive real-time updates while being completely anonymous.
From the moment you call us, we will assign a private case detective to you. A trained professional in handling matrimonial surveillance investigations, this person is your point of contact and will be willing to discuss any needs or concerns you might have.

Contacting a Private Investigator in the UK


Matrimonial and Infidelity Investigations

Investigate suspicions about your marriage and current or past relationships.

Covert Surveillance and Discreet Investigations

Maintain and protect your anonymity with a discreet and covert surveillance investigation.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Keep an eye on important items and the people which you value most in this world.

Same day investigations available

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