Slimline GPS Tracker

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  • Up to 30 days of continued use (In Normal Mode)
  • Less than 10mm thick (Smaller than an iPhone)
  • Covert, waterproof and durable
  • User friendly ISO/Android application

Our discreet slimline tracker has been designed as a multiple purpose device. At less the 10mm thick this unit can be used in multiple scenarios to monitor and protect assets and belongings. Whether placed within a suitcase whilst travelling abroad or in your child’s backpack, this unit is completely diverse. With a 6000mAh battery this unit can be used for unto 30 days without the need to recharge.

Some of the uses:
Childs Backpack
Dementia Patient Clothing
Laptop Bag
Couriered Items

Our GPS Tracking devices have been designed and developed from years of experience. We understand the need for a variety of devices of all shapes and sizes. Combined with the flexibility of functions within the software our units are unrivalled.

Using tried and tested materials our units have been designed to be versatile and robust. Our units are wrapped in a waterproof thick plastic that withstands the elements and allows for some bumps and knocks. Our units contain strong magnets providing a minimum of 60kg pull meaning when it sticks its stuck!

Our Desktop and Mobile App for all our GPS Tracking devices is unrivalled. With the ability to monitor your units from anywhere on the planet whilst overlaid on a variety of maps, monitor traffic around the unit and identify the exact location of the unit within 2m.

Normal Mode:
The everyday mode for our units. Whilst the device is moving it will track at regular intervals selected by the user. Once the device has stopped moving for 15 seconds, it will turn off the GPS signal and disconnect the data, keeping the functionality of the SMS so you can continue to send commands. Whilst in Normal Mode and static the device will ‘check in’ every 4 hours to get assurance the unit is working and remains static.

Eco Mode:
This mode will switch the unit off completely for selected periods of time. The unit will wake up at selected times and check in to give an accurate location before switching off until the next check in. This mode can extend even the smallest battery for months of use.

Flight Mode:
Just like a mobile phone, our units can be switched into flight mode to allow for safe travel abroad. This mode allows for the unit to be switched off for a scheduled period of time, once the time frame is complete the unit reverts back to Normal Mode.

Park Mode:
Once this mode is selected the device will switch off automatically when the unit has not moved for 120 seconds. The unit will not check in again until movement is registered and will continue to report in normal mode. This mode can drastically increase the life of the battery of a unit.

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